Long Distance Moves

1st Class Moving is licensed by the Federal Motor Highway Safety Administration for interstate moves. The FMCSA is the government agency that regulates interstate household goods shipping.

We service all points within the continental US. Long distance moves charges can be based on the cubic volume or weight of goods to be transported. Depending on the distance and location. Based on the inventory provided, our long distance estimators can determine the volume and estimated total cost of your intended shipment.

Full Moving Service

1st Class Moving offer a full moving service door to door
Full or partial packing & unpacking
Furniture disassembly and re-assembly
Crating of marble, fine art and antiques
Long and short term storage
Piano moving
Written Binding Estimates are also available for long distance moves

(Inventory + Services) x Destination = Your Price

When determining the cost of your move, the following elements are taken into account:


There is no hourly rate charge for the labor required to load and unload the truck. We always assign the optimal number of movers to every job.


Long distance moves include the vehicles.

Fuel Surcharge

Fuel surcharge will added to the total transportation at rate of 12% ( Update 2017).

Boxes and Packing Materials

Packing materials are charged as used. If you are packed up and ready to go you will not be charge for the additional expense. glass or marble table top requires a cardboard crate, the foreman will advise you of the cost and the crate will be made on the spot.

Additional Services

It is very important for us to know about any factors that may denied your delivery, including narrow roads, bridge any factor that would prevent a tractor trailer from pulling up in front of the destination. Post move charges are in case of: long carries (over 50 feet from the point where the truck may park and the door to the destination). Certain conditions that require additional labor or a “shuttle truck” (a smaller vehicle required to shuttle the goods from the tractor trailer to the destination if a tractor trailer cannot make the delivery). Please let us know on any concerns and information that you believe can be relevant.

Forms of Payment

A minimum payment of 70% of the total cost is required upon pickup; the balance is due upon delivery. We accept cash, money orders, Visa, Master card upon pickup. Credit cards are not accepted upon delivery only cash & Postal money orders from the post office. When paying with a credit card, the card and cardholder must be present for imprint or swipe & a signature.


1st Class Moving maintains general liability insurance cover in excess of $750,000, as well as Workers Compensation and Disability insurance. This allows us access to every building.
For long distance moves, we provided a basic at no cost to our customers insurance that cover $0.60 cents per pound per article.
full insurance coverage is available with independent nationwide carriers, such as Baker International (www.bakerintl.com) and Movinginsurance.com. These companies offer full replacement value insurance and have adjusters nationwide. Coverage must be obtained in advance of the move day.

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